Be Part Of The CONversation

If you live in Nairobi then you’ve got a con story… Sure, you might not want to admit it or share it but con is so much a part of life that no one can escape it.

The thing is, con men (and women) treat con as their job. And just like with any other job, the more you do it, the better, the slicker, the more efficient you become. They know who to target and how. They know what hopes, dreams and aspirations make someone more willing to part with their cash, whether it’s a new phone, a holiday, a job opportunity, a date, an apartment… Basically, there’s a con for everyone. And that includes you.

With Janjaruka, we’re saying: let’s get rid of the shame. Let’s lose the bravado. Because the more we stay silent, the more the con men and women get away with it and we make con a part of everyday Nairobi life. And once we’re living with con, then we’re making way for con’s far bigger and uglier cousin, Corruption, to seem just as normal and an unavoidable part of our lives.

So, join our celebrities and start a conversation about con. Swallow the pride that as a Nairobian you could never be conned (we all know…) And don’t roll your eyes the next time your friend says how someone just duped them out of money. We’ve all been there and now it’s time to offer support, share our stories and start getting smarter and challenging those conning us.

Who knows, it could even start filtering through to Con’s other family members…